Want to Improve Your Child's Autistic Symptoms?

10 easy-to-follow protocols that can have a massive impact on your child.

Give your child the happy, healthy, and successful life they deserve by following our 10 steps that will show you exactly what to do to help your child.

With over 54 studies referenced in this guide, we have packed it to the brim with actionable steps you can do at home to start to help your child flourish into the person you know they can be.


WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS BOOK Simple to follow protocols that will help your child begin to socialize, learn, and overall experience a healthier, happier life.

Section 1: Heal Your Child's Gut

Learn how our gut bacteria and lining can drastically affect how our bodies function, how autistic children have different bacteria makeup than their peers, and how you can begin to heal their gut.

Section 2: Removing Common Toxins

Did you know there is one toxin in particular that autistic children are extra sensitive to? And worse, it's in 95% of proccessed foods. Learn what foods to avoid to help improve your child's ASD symptoms

Section 3: Supercharge Their Waste Removal System

Children with autism have trouble properly removing toxins and cellular waste. Learn why and how to fix it.

Section 4: Change to a Paleo Diet

Learn how starting your child on a diet that incorporates only organic, natural foods can radically improve not only their ASD symptoms, but their overall health.

Section 5: Build Them a Sensory Room

Sensory rooms have been shown to be very effective at creating a sense of calm and relaxation. Building one can be very simple and give your child a place they can have a spot to call their own and relax in.

Section 6: Reduce Screen Time

There has been linkage between high screen time, autism and behavioral problems. Learn why and how much time you should allow your child 

Section 7: Try Out a Ketogenic Diet

The Paleo Diet should have a great impact and be tried first, but there has also been research behind ketogenic diets improving ASD Symptoms. 

Section 8: Why Your Child Should Be Excercising

Not only is this good advice for everyone, but children with ASD have shown big improvements from exercising. Learn which kinds resulted in the biggest improvements

Section 9: A Game to Improve Intelligence

There is one game that has been shown multiple times to improve fluid intelligence in everyone who plays it, but it also works great for children with autism

Section 10: The Lifestyle of Learning

Learning new things is a positive cycle that reinforces itself the more you do it. The affects this has on the brain is great for children with ASD.